Our Services

Our services include the following:

  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate
  • Corporate and Business Services
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Wills and Estate Planning
  • Personal Injury and Litigation

Our energetic and practical approach to the practice of law, with an excellent support staff, allows us to achieve our clients’ objectives efficiently and effectively.

We listen. We are accessible. We communicate.

We give our clients the opportunity to make informed decisions. We are enthusiastic and strive to provide legal work that is unsurpassed in quality and service.

At Hillenbrand Kozicki LLP, our goals are:

To work “with” our clients, not for them:

When you need legal assistance you want a lawyer with the expertise and experience to lead you through the pitfalls and not one that simply hands you a map and wishes you luck. Allow us to work along side you, to achieve your objectives.

To communicate clearly:

The law can be confusing, your lawyer shouldn’t be. We work hard to ensure that you are not only presented with real and practical options but that you fully understand them.

To provide practical advice:

Answers to questions you never asked do not do you much good. We make sure we understand the problem so that the advice we give offers a viable solution.

To provide exceptional value

We understand that “cost” needs to equal “value”. Our goal is to make sure you are never surprised by the first and always get the second.